Current Members
Photo Name Postion Email Phone
Photo of Peter A. Bandettini, Ph.D. Peter A. Bandettini, Ph.D. Chief (301) 402-1333
Photo of Dorian D. Van Tassell Dorian D. Van Tassell Program Assistant (301) 496-8174
Photo of Javier Gonzalez Castillo Javier Gonzalez-Castillo Staff Scientist (301) 594-9191
Daniel Handwerker Daniel A Handwerker Staff Scientist (301) 402-1359
RuyuanZhang Ruyuan Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow
Yuhui Chai Yuhui Chai Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-8174
Isabel Fernandez Isabel Fernandez Postbac IRTA
Arman Arman Khojandi Postbac IRTA (301) 402-1379
Photo of Chandler Richards Chandler Richards Postbac IRTA
JacobLevinstein Jacob Levenstein Graduate Student
Joshua Teves Joshua Teves Programmer
Former Members
Photo Name Postion Email Phone
Molfese Peter J. Molfese Scientist (301) 402-1350
Photo of Adam Thomas Adam Thomas Researcher
Jong-Hwan Lee Visiting Scientist
Emily Finn Emily Finn Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 496-8174
Portraint of Renzo Laurentius Huber Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-7298
David Jangraw David Jangraw Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1342
Puja Panwar Puja Panwar Postbaccalaureate Fellow
S_Kimmich Sara Kimmich Graduate Student (301) 451-9582
natasha_topolski Natasha Topolski Postbac IRTA (301) 435-5028
Harry Hall Harry Hall Postbac IRTA (301) 402-1379
Eli Elishama Michel Postbac IRTA 301-496-8174
Ramya_Varadarajan Ramya Varadarajan Postbac IRTA
AmyL Amy Loret Summer Student
DannieG Dannie Griggs Summer Student
Elizabeth_Wat Elizabeth Wat Special Volunteer
Ben Guitierrez Ben Gutierrez Postbaccalaureate Fellow (401) 402-1358
Photo of Hang Joon Jo Hang Joon Jo Research Fellow (301) 402-8416
Photo of Jennifer Evans Jennifer Evans Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 594-9195
Photo of Prantik Kundu Prantik Kundu graduate student (301) 402-1342
Photo of Zhi Yang Zhi Yang Postdoc Fellow (301) 402-1358
Photo of Laura Buchanan Laura Buchanan Postbaccalaureate Fellow (301) 451-9582
Photo of Qi Li Qi Li Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 435-5028
Photo of Colin Hoy Colin Hoy Postbaccalaureate Fellow (301) 402-7298
Joseph Naegele Programmer (301) 496-8101
Photo of Chia-Yueh Carlton Chu Chia-Yueh Carlton Chu Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1379
Photo of Paula Wu Paula Wu IRTA (301) 451-9582
Photo of Justin Edmands Justin Edmands Linux/Mac/Windows System Administration (301) 435-8396
Photo of Masaya Misaki Masaya Misaki Special Volunteer (301) 402-1358
Photo of Kristen Duthie Kristen Duthie Postbac IRTA (301) 402-7294
Photo of Paul Guillod Paul Guillod Post Bac-IRTA (301) 402-7298
Cambrie Diane Starkel Fellow (301) 402-1333
Photo of Shreyas Shah Shreyas Shah Linux/Mac/Windows System Administration (301) 402-1350
Tanya Evans (nee Gerner) Tanya Evans (nee Gerner) Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University, Child Psychiatry
Photo of Gabriel George Dorsch Gabriel George Dorsch IT Specialist and Software Engineer
Photo of Sunil Narayan Sunil Narayan IRTA (301) 402-7299
Photo of Khaled Restom Khaled Restom part time research associate (301) 496-8174
Photo of Rasmus Birn Ph.D. Rasmus Birn Ph.D. Staff Scientist (301) 402-1350
Photo of Anthony Boemio, Ph.D. Anthony Boemio, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1379
Photo of Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Ph.D. Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1342
Photo of Kevin Murphy, Ph.D. Kevin Murphy, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1358
Photo of B. Kay Kuhns B. Kay Kuhns Administrative Lab Manager (301) 594-9191
Photo of Douglas Ruff Douglas Ruff Postbac IRTA (301) 402-1359
Photo of Marieke Mur Marieke Mur Graduate Student (301) 594-9195
Photo of Jon West Jon West Assistant System Administrator (301) 435-8396
Photo of Tyler Jones Tyler Jones Post Bac IRTA (301) 594-9197
Photo of Youn W. Kim Youn W. Kim IRTA (301) 402-7299
Uri Manor
Photo of Alissa Parr Alissa Parr IRTA (301) 451-9582
Photo of Joseph Dunsmoor Joseph Dunsmoor Postbac IRTA (301) 402-7298
Photo of Brigham Walker Brigham Walker Summer Student
Photo of Tess Veuthey Tess Veuthey Summer Student
Stuart Washington Special Volunteer
Guoshong Ding, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow
Photo of David Knight Ph. D. David Knight Ph. D. Postdoctoral IRTA (301) 402-1359
Rym Djouri Summer Student
Photo of August Tuan August Tuan NIH Co-op student
Photo of Monica Smith Monica Smith Postbac IRTA (301) 594-9197
Sergio Casciaro, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow
Julia Choi Summer Student
Photo of Jason Diamond Jason Diamond Graduate Student (301) 496-8174
Ilana Levy Postbac IRTA (301) 451-8508
Julie Frost-Bellgowan Psychologist
James Patterson, M.D., Ph.D. Clinical Fellow (318) 675-6040
Hanh Nguyen Technical IRTA (301) 402-7298
Photo of Elisa Kapler Elisa Kapler Postbac IRTA
Photo of Alison Sanders Alison Sanders Summer Student
Photo of Najah Waters Najah Waters Postbac IRTA (301) 435-9321
Photo of Thomas Gallo Thomas Gallo Former Summer Student (2003-2004)
Photo of Hannah Chang Hannah Chang Summer Student
Photo of Ziad Saad, Ph.D. Ziad Saad, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1352
Photo of Patrick Bellgowan, Ph.D. Patrick Bellgowan, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (301) 402-1370
Photo of Hauke Heekeren, M.D., Ph.D. Hauke Heekeren, M.D., Ph.D. Visiting Fellow
Natalia Petridou Graduate Student () -
Marta Maieron, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow (301) 402-1342
Photo of Dan Kelley Dan Kelley Postbac IRTA
Photo of Jenna Gelfand Jenna Gelfand Summer Student
Photo of Carla Wettig Carla Wettig Summer Student (301) 402-7516
Photo of Vikas Patel Vikas Patel Electrical Engineer, MRI Research Assistant (301) 402-7298
Photo of Wei Li Liu Wei Li Liu Assistant System Administrator (301) 435-8396
Photo of Mirjam Meys Mirjam Meys Special volunteer (301) 435-5028
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